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Installation FAQ

What kind of hardwood should i buy?

You should buy the product that best suits your budget.Having said that,you will get what you pay for when it comes to hardwood flooring.With more expensive products you will have a superior finish,better milling and much better product support.

Do you install baseboards and other trim?

Yes,we install all floor trim,i.e baseboards,shoe/quarter round.Since the trim comes primed only,we also offer the option of painting it for you,thus avoiding the need to bring in a painter.

Do I need to have all my furniture out of the home while you install the hardwood?

Not at all.Although having all the furniture removed would be great,thats just not possible for most customers.We are happy to remove and replace furniture as we complete individual rooms.

What happens if you run into an un-expected problem?

We will make you aware of the issue,put forward a plan of action to resolve the issue and discuss any additions costs with you.Documentation for a change order regarding additional costs will be sent to you for review and we will not go forward with the additional work until you have consented to it.

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