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February 26, 2018

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. From the earliest age I was madly infatuated with building things, anything really or, to my mom’s frustrations, taking things apart. At 18 I joined the Canadian Forces and served in both the reserves and regular force as an infantryman. Although an infantryman didn’t often have much to do with my childhood love of building things it did teach me many concepts and work practices that I would later use when building my company and more often when laying a floor. The army instilled many values in me; none more predominant than to never cut corners, you either do the job right or move aside and let another get it done properly. After 12 years of serving my country I decided I would try my hand at my love of putting things together to create something people would love.


When I was deciding what trade I would specialize in, none spoke to me more than the world of floor coverings. There were so many areas to specialize in, so many great people and organizations out there to draw experience from and so much beauty in a well put together floor. Luckily my friends father had learned how to lay floors in years past and was kind enough to pass those teachings on to me. And so in 2011 I decided to go off on my own and started Frontier Flooring.


It is an increasingly rare thing for a man to find a job he truly enjoys. I consider myself very fortunate to not have tried job after job to find the one I enjoy as much as installing floors. Not to say there isn’t some harder days, every day I get to lay a floor is a good day!




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