Supersize Me! Hot Home Trend: Go Big With Your Tile!

March 17, 2018

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is large format tiles. The tiles are getting bigger! When you hear the term large format tiles it's 24" by 24", 16" by 32", 18" by 36", and you are going to see that trend carrying over to the wood tiles.


Large format tiles means less grout to clean. The large tile trend may be partially motivated out of function, not just aesthetics.  Besides the easier-to-clean aspects of this, the larger tile squares often can make a space look bigger. That’s because there are less grout lines breaking up a floor into boxy squares, which leads to the perceptions of elongated spaces. (Another tip from designers in elongating a space with your tile: Be sure to select a grout colour that most closely matches the colour of your tile. That will also help make your floors look more expansive.)


The larger tile formats are popping up in kitchen flooring and as in bathrooms surrounding the tub or shower. Designers say the larger formats offer a more modern, “clean lines” vibe to a room’s flooring. 

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