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Simply put,the finish is the wear layer.Its the coating that protects the raw wood from wear,abrasive damage,scuffs,spills and that type of damage.It doesn't protect against impact damage.

One of the most popular questions I receive when refinishing a floor is whether I can match the old floor's amber finish while using a water based product.Typically water based products are non ambering and customers appreciate their advantages but love the golden/amber color of oil based finish .The answer is yes,we can make a water based finish look like an oil based finish by adding an ambering solution.

Below are some key differences between the two types of finish.

Water-Based Finishes

  • Relatively low VOC

  • Doesnt smell strongly

  • Will not yellow with time

  • Very hard when fully cured

  • Faster application of coats

  • Easier to repair should damage occur

Oil Based Finishes

  • Relatively high VOC content

  • Smells strongly for up to two weeks

  • Ambers/yellows with time

  • Wear reasonably well

  • Only one coat per day can be applied

  • Difficult to repair if damaged

  • Has a beautiful golden/amber tint when applied

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