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Whats the difference between Natural and Stain?

A stain will change the color of your wood floor.Staining can add depth and character to the floor by accentuating the woods unique grain and characteristics.

A "natural"floor on the other hand ,is a floor with no stain or color,only finish(the part that protects against wear) applied.Natural is a great look for a floor and very popular in Europe.

Can you make a stain to match adjacent floors or cabinetry?

We can make a stain that will come very close to matching just about anything you want matched.

Whats the difference between a stain and a penetrating oil?


  • Higher VOC content

  • Less natural

  • color is more linear​

  • Difficult to repair if damaged

  • Wears very well with a quality finish applied

  • Relatively low maintenance

Penetrating Oil

  • Oils have very low VOC content

  • Vibrant depth of color

  • easy to repair should damaged occur

  • Wears reasonably well but is more susceptible to damage

  • Requires more maintenance


Penetrating oils

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